Raise Money and
Promote the Constitution

Who is this for?

Fundraise, hand out, or turn a profit on customized pocket Constitutions. We will design and publish the book with an introduction authored by you or your organization.  

At 3.5″ x 5″ the size of a passport, these books are perfect for:


Educate prospective voters on your platform and our founding documents.


Ensure supporters know what you stand for and educate them on the Constitution.


Turn a profit by selling these custom-made books to your customers.

patriotic Americans

Now more than ever it’s imperative we know our foundational principles.

What’s Included?

Content Authored by You

In addition to the title page, publisher’s page, table of contents, and any additional pages you submit, the following 45 pages are printed in every book.

Declaration of Independence
United States Constitution
The Bill of Rights
11-27 + NOTES

What’s the process?

Publishing a customized book has never been easier.

Submit Content

Add as many custom pages as you’d like.  We will edit and format your content to match the style of the book. 

Design Book Cover

You can submit a book cover with our specifications, modify an existing design, or hire our team.

Registrations INCLUDED

Our team will handle your book’s International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and Bar Code registration.

Final Pricing

The final price of your book depends on the number of pages and the quantity ordered.  

What’s the price?

Based on resources and factors that affect the supply chain, final prices will be determined at the time of printing. 

The following are estimates.

2,500 books, 50 pages

$1.80 per book = $4,500
Revenue potential = $25,000
at $10 per book.

5,000 books, 100 pages

$1.39 per book = $6,950
Revenue potential = $50,000
at $10 per book.

Other Quantities?

You can order as many as
you’d like. Prices vary based
on # of pages and quantity.

Want a lower price?

To lower the price per book
and maximize revenue, order
larger quantities of books.

Ready to get started?

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