How you tell your story online can make all the difference.

Podcast Host & Producer

From system setup and workflows, to equipment & platform recommendations, best practices, and idea generation. I can also host and/or produce your video/audio podcast from anywhere.

Video Squirrel Consultant

The next revolution in eCommerce and fundraising has arrived. I can help with on-boarding, system setup, best practices, digital marketing strategies, and coaching.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media videos, product demonstrations, drone photography and videography, real estate walk-throughs, educational how-to, coaching, brand storytelling, and more.

Live Audio & Video

Podcast Coach, Host, & Producer

Contact me today for a free consultation. I can recommend what equipment to buy, how to set it up, establish workflows, and brainstorm with you on your first 20 shows. We can discuss how I’m able to host and/or produce your show live on multiple social media video platforms as well as several popular audio podcast networks.

Video Squirrel Consulting

Shareable, Shoppable Video with Direct Attribution

Video Squirrel gives your video content a direct path to purchase at the point of discovery. No redirects, no links, no clunky checkout process. 

Share anywhere, sell anywhere

Social media, text, email, and beyond. A quarter of online sales are lost due to too many clicks to checkout. Video Squirrel drastically ups sales lift by converting the point of discovery into the point of sale— everywhere your videos are consumed.

How to Grow and Monetize Your Online Presence

How to Market & Sell
Your Brand and Products

How to Virally Multiply
Campaign Donations

How to Implement
a Fundraising Campaign

Generate Leads and Build Credibility

I can help you tell your story like static web pages and posts haven’t been able.